Apple iMac desktop was not starting up. The power cord (white) was the problem. I replaced the power cord (black cord which located to the left of the white cord) and it's working just fine. The owner wants a new OS installed so more pictures will be coming soon. New OS installed and it can boot to Windows 10 as well.


Asus laptop started with a cracked screen and now the screen has been replaced.


These are pictures of two different computers with cracked screens.

Dell Inspiron M731r

These are pictures of a heat sink and fan replacment on a dell laptop.

Samsung TV repair

These are two different Samsung TVs that need LED repaired. One had blown LEDs on each strip. The other had three LEDs blown throught the entire TV. 

Iphone 6 battery replacement

The iPhone 6s battery wasn' t lasting long so  these pictures show the battery being replaced.

LED Repair

DIfferent TVs that had blown LEDs that needed to be replaced. Using the LED tester makes the process faster and easier.

HOURS: Monday-Friday 9am to 5pm

CLOSED: Saturday & Sunday


HOURS: Monday-Friday 9am to 5pm

CLOSED: Saturday & Sunday

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Denise Gardner  |  478-219-3178 | Warner Robins, Georgia